How we raise money

Reach Out for Schools raises money through membership dues, fund raising, and cash donations from individuals and business supporters.  Our primary means of attracting members and donors is through our web site and the fundraising activities of our volunteers.

Deciding how to distribute funds

We use the Adopt-a-Classroom and Donors Choose web sites to distribute funds to classrooms in need.  Adopt-a-Classroom reports that the average teacher spends $1000 of their own money each year to meet basic classroom needs.  They believe that by helping individual teachers, they can have a big impact on student success.  WE AGREE!

The Reach Out for Schools board selects classrooms and projects in communities and schools based on where our members live, and the amount of money we raise.  We also rely on recommendations from our members, and suggestions from Adopt-a-Classroom and Donors Choose in choosing specific classrooms and projects.

We also receive donation requests from various schools and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) for fundraising activities that benefit students, such as field trips, literacy programs and youth robotic competition.  We also allocate funds to support various anti-bullying programs throughout the country.

How does Adopt-a-Classroom work?

Teachers register their classrooms with Adopt-a-Classroom (adoptaclassroom.org).  Once adopted, the teacher will be given credit to spend on materials for his or her classroom through the Adopt-a-Classroom web site.  The classroom gets the full benefit of our donation.

How does Donors Choose work?

Teachers submit a project on the Donors Choose web site (donors choose.org).  Once the project is fully funded, supplies are shipped to the teacher.

What other ways does Reach Out for Schools raise funds?

Reach Out for Schools has hosted a number of fundraisers throughout the years, such as:

 Texas Hold ‘em

Golf Tournaments



Car Washes

Road Races