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Fundraising Results

Reach Out for Schools is a non-profit membership organization that raises money to fund classrooms and programs that benefit students. The funds that we raise are used to fund projects through Donors Choose ( These programs allow teachers to purchase classroom resources with donated funds.


Reach Out for Schools
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Fundraising Results

Reach Out for Schools has hosted a number of fundraisers throughout the years.
Check out this list:
April 2006 Texas Hold’em $2,110
May 2006 Golf Tournament $2,820
June 2006 Car Wash $177
February 2007 Bowlathon $2,125
September 2008 Road Race $3,685
October 2008 Celtics Raffle $610
October 2010 –  Bowlathon $1,521
March 2011 –  Bowlathon $825
May 2011 –  Road Race $6,745
December 2012 Basket Raffle $472
January 2013 Basket Raffle $377
December 2013 Basket Raffle $424

Check back soon to see more fundraising results!